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Featured Items - Siam Hammocks and Bertrand Docks

Regular hammock
(fig. 1)

Mosquito netted hammock
(fig. 2)

Suspended on the ground or bed
(fig. 3)

Tent-Shaped on sand or soft ground
(fig. 4)

Dome-shaped on cement or hard ground
(fig. 5)

SiamHammock© & Tent serve you 5 ways
in every condition

Regular hammock (fig. 1)
Between two trees or posts,
2.5 to 4 m apart, lay out the Siam Hammock© with the mosquito net uppermost.
Ensure the fixing ropes are of equal lengths each side of the hammock, then slide the corners of the hammock towards the center of the ropes to form a traditional hammock shape (fig. 1a).

Wrap the fixing ropes around your supports and tie firmly with a quick release knot (fig. 1b). For extra safety at night pull the free end through the loop. The hammock should be quite taught to ensure the mosquito net stands proud of the hammock.

Turn the Siam Hammock© up side down, with the mosquito net facing the ground, making sure it is suspended well away from the ground. This will protect the mosquito net from snagging on clothing or sharp surfaces.
Enter the Siam Hammock© from the center part and test that the fixing ropes are secure, then swing your legs in.
Follow the above outlined instructions for setting up the Siam Hammock© as a ‘regular Hammock’.

Now on Sale

SRP: $219.99

Sale Price: $179.99

Mosquito netted hammock (fig. 2)
the above outlined instructions for setting up the Siam Hammock© as a ‘regular Hammock’.
Assemble 4 of the plastic rods (with the rubber-ended rods on each side). Slide these slowly and carefully through the nylon guide loop on the mosquito net and secure the rubber-ended rods into the black reinforced slots to form a hoop (fig. 2a). Do both sides.
Unzip the mosquito net and sit in the hammock to test that the fixing ropes are secure, then swing your legs in and zip up the mosquito net.
The bottom nylon lining has a double layer and for insulation and protection from mosquitoes, you may place the blue groundsheet or a blanket between the inner and outer lining (fig. 2b).
Wind the ends of the cotton string around both lengths of the fixing ropes (fig. 2c). Ensure that the knot is tight and the ends fall down-wards to drain away any excess water in the case of rain.
For daytime use, dismantle the plastic rods and flip the the Siam Hammock© around as a regular hammock (fig. 1).

Flysheet is known for a rain proof sheet for covering the tent or hammock. But the distinctive quality of Siam Hammock flysheet is that you can use it as a raincoat as it has a hood at one end. Siam Hammock flysheet is large enough to cover user and all his luggage.Out of rainy season, the flysheet will be a good blanket.

Siam Hammock for relaxing Siam Hammock with mosquito net
for sleeping at night
Spread out for a sleeping sheet
with mosquito net
CommonTent for outside camping
Dome Tent for both inside
& outside camping

Bertrand Docks

Research the products on the Bertrand site and we will be happy to order  the various products for you.

We are now an authorized dealer for Bertrand Docks.
Our feature items are:

  • 4 X 15 Docks on Posts and
  • 800 lb Boat Lift

Free Starter Kit with every order... a $49.00 Value.

Featured Product


  • All-aluminum
  • Stainless steel bolts and cables
  • Full-length carpeted bunk supports and centering guides
  • AGS pulley system incorporated in aluminum tubing
  • Four-corner adjustability (adjustable legs)
  • Vertical lift models (1,500- to 4,500-lb. load capacity)
  • Models with up to 8,000-lb. load capacity, solar powered with hydraulic cylinders

  • Easy to assemble
  • Low maintenance
  • Light, durable structure
  • Easy boat access for passengers
  • Water must be at least six inches + boat draft deep



  • Electric drive (12 v or 110 v)
  • Wheeled transportation kit
  • Legs adjust up to six feet
  • Canopy length: 20," 24" or 26"
  • Other dimensions available
  • Canopy available in eight colors
    Click to view the colours
Other Available Models




Model Max. beam Load capacity Ship weight Lift height Built for
M800 72'' 800lb. 105lb. 36'' Pwc.
M1500 98'' 1500lb. 215lb. 60'' 12' to 17'
M2000 98'' 2000lb. 280lb. 60'' 12' to 17'
M3000 112'' 3000lb. 340lb. 60'' 17' to 19'
M3500 122'' 3500lb. 270lb. 60'' Pontoon
M4500 122'' 4500lb. 370lb. 60'' 20' to 24'

Featured Product - Docks on Posts
4 X 15
  • Aluminum structure
  • Removable treated-wood panels
  • Stainless steel bolts and screws
  • Aluminum accessories
  • Galvanized steel posts
  • Posts with vinyl caps
  • Heavy vinyl bumper
  • Vertical dock bumper
  • Post braces
  • Starting kit
  • Longer posts
  • Aluminum dock ladder
  • Modular system
  • Unlimited configurations
  • Easily installed
  • Each component of the dock less than 50 lb.

Available sizes

28'' X 10' 28'' X 15'
4' X 10'
4' X 15' (Shown)
5' X 10' 5' X 15'
6' X 10' 6' X 15'
Other dimensions available
Featured Product - Floating Docks
Characteristics Options
  • Aluminum structure
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Standard chain attachments
  • Standard Joints
  • Red cedar decking
  • Heavy vinyl bumper
  • Ladder
  • Bench
  • Dock cleats
Option -1 - Heavy vinyl bumper

To protect boat from posts

To protect boat from docks

Vertical bumper

Corner bumper
Option -2 - Ladder
Option -3 - Bench
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