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We sell new Scott®, Scott Trillium®, Bluewater® and Sportspal canoes.

We sell and service used canoes from all the leading manufacturers.
- 10% OFF all accessories (forever) with the purchase of any new or used canoe. -

Trillium 15 Trillium 16 Trillium 17

L'il Canoe Explorer Wilderness Tripper Adventurer Prospector
River Dancer Pro-former Advantage Legacy Maverick Solitude Sunset Echo Elite Drifter Temagami Feather Bushman / Woodsman Makobe Albany / Hudson Bay Freighter James Bay Freighter Cartopper Duckboat

Saugeen Series Reflection Prospector Peteroborough Sauble Chipawa Scout Tripper Explorer
Adirondack Mist Splitrock

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